Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 - Thankful

So... I'm totally the best blogger ever! Lol..... my last post was my year of thanksgiving from 2013 and now I will post my year of thanksgiving from 2014. An entire year since I posted.....
So basically, this post is just like my last post. Everyday I found something to be thankful for and kept it on a note on my phone.  There is so much to be thankful for and this list is just a few of the blessings God has given us this past year.

2014 Year of Thanksgiving

1-1- movie night at home with J
1-2-peaceful day
1-3-fun game night
1-4- night out with girl friends
1-5- a great Christmas break 
1-6-warm home
1-7- work canceled
1-8-found out I got an intern
1-9- settlers with Taryn and Garth
1-10- a good intern
1-11-sweet kids, with good personalities
1-12- my Pop!
1-13-all of Jason's help with kids while I've been with mom and Mamaw
1-14- for all the people who loved my pop and family
1-15-great memorial service for Pop
1-16-Christina's Testimony
1-17-family time 
1-18-restful day
1-19- church- 
1-20- being able to help Mamaw, mom, and dad move stuff
1-21-good,busy day with happy babies
1-22-day 1 of challenge is over!
1-23-time with Parker
1-24- finally got to watch Sherlock
1-25- relaxing day
1-26-a passionate WAC committee 
1-27-relaxing hair appointment
1-28-safe travel on a crazy snow day
1-29-lazy, snow day at home
1-30-my princess and pirate
1-31-fun at Gran and Coach's with old dance costumes 
2-1- fun day, outside at the Pates!
2-2- our Powerful God
2-3-got to go to Zumba
2-4-Professional Learning Group day!= lunch out!
2-5- desire to be in "the first chair"
2-6- early dismissal for light snow flurries!❄️❄️❄️
2-7-work at a great school with great kids
2-8-fun with Grissett family
2-9- an awesome church family
2-10- good day at school
2-11-my beautiful, baby girl
2-12-beautiful, safe snow
2-13-2 hour delay
2-14-kids had fun vday at school
2-15- great bday party!
2-16-supportive parents
2-17- Zumba
2-18- love my new school
2-19- teacher of the month
2-20-pretty, warm day
2-21-baby boy
2-22- fun at marriage retreat
2-23-pretty day - play outside
2-24- technology working at school
2-25- We can always rejoice in The Lord
2-26-healthy baby boy
2-27-kisses from my babies
2-28-fun mafia night
3-1- Libby had so much fun at Emma Cate's bday
3-2- beautiful day
3-3-warm house
3-4-play time with the kids
3-5-king cake
3-6- kids love when I get home
3-7-fun bday
3-8-pretty day and shopping with mom and Mamaw
3-9-my patient husband
3-10- Jason's servants heart
3-11- play time with Libby
3-12- good WAC meeting
3-13-got to see Eva
3-14- Pi Day is over
3-15- fun camping
3-16- a great church that also teaches Libby
3-17- tax refund is almost exactly how much day care will cost
3-18-kids play well together 
3-19- got to see Tinker and Angela
3-20- good health
3-21-spring break!
3-22-playground with kids 
3-23- relaxing afternoon
3-24-day off
3-25- camping with fam
3-26- warm tent 
3-27- husband with a servants heart
3-28- errands without kids
3-29-relaxing, enjoyable spring break
3-30- heard from mom while on her trip
3-31- clean sheets
4-1-no tricks :)
4-2-good WAC meeting 
4-3-fun watching Alex play soccer 
4-4-parents got home safe 
4-5-family dinner
4-6-fun at church with Volleyball
4-7- everyone was safe in storm 
4-8-kids got to see and play with Hooton girls
4-9- sweet babies
4-10-good day of learning at Professional Development
4-11- 1st periods creativity with lesson
4-12- my little family!❤️
4-13- church family
4-14- job I love
4-15- husband that cooks
4-16- that we can take everything to The Lord in prayer
4-17-planning meeting
4-18-the cross
4-19-fun at Easter Egg Hunt
4-20-He is risen
4-21- sweet kids
4-22-Mamaw got to go home from hospital 
4-23-work at a great school
4-24-Carla and Jamey's baby boy- Tawan
4-25-good intern
4-26- whiffle ball with SS class
4-27- safety in weather 3 years ago
4-28-safe during storms
4-29-no school and no bad weather 
4-30- sweet card from intern
5-1-my family
5-2-fun field trip
5-3-fun day with family
5-4- children's ministry at our Church
5-5- decent day at school
5-6- God's word
5-7- last day of testing!
5-8-decent day of work
5-9- Libby and Coach's date to ballet
5-10-got some great pics of kids
5-11- good Mother's Day
5-12-my beautiful children
5-13- shopping online
5-14-beautiful pics of kids
5-15-cool, beautiful day
5-16- cool weather
5-17- seeing students graduate 
5-18-Libby's musical was sweet
5-19- good day at school
5-20-quick honors night
5-21- dinner date with J
5-22-my sweet babies
5-23- WEEKEND!!!!!!!
5-24-fun whiffle ball game
5-25- first pool day
5-26-day off
5-27- Libby got to meet Elsa and Anna 
5-28-drama free day at school
5-29- sweet student brought me a milkshake
5-30-last day with students
5-31-Belk gift card almost exactly how much I spent
6-1- yummy lunch at church
6-2- parents 40th wedding anniversary 
6-4-time with kids
6-5-Libby's first day of dance class
6-6- pedicure, shopping, lunch date
6-7-dinner with Tinker and Angela
6-8- got to see CiCi and Pop Pop
6-9- 1st day of swimming lessons went good
6-10-nap with Libby
6-11-Libby applying her faith at swimming
6-12-summer time
6-13- productive day
6-14- Luke's first night in his big boy bed 
6-15-the daddy's 
6-16-sweet boy holding my hand
6-17-dinner with Pate fam
6-18-fun at Chuckee Cheese
6-19-good schedule for next school year
6-20-shopping with momma
6-21-got to see Rebekah
6-22-good night of VBS
6-23- Luke got much needed hair cut
6-25- fun at Fayette water park
6-26-lazy day
6-27-fun with friends
6-28- white water
6-29- dinner with Pates
6-30-fun pool day with friends
7-1-cake decorating class
7-2-learned about cakes from MawMaw
7-3- shopping with J
7-4- fun day on the lake
7-5-slept till 8
7-6- Foot finally healing
7-7-safe trip to mountains
7-8- 8 years of a great marriage
7-9- kids having a great time on vacation
7-10- Cheri 
7-11- safe trip home
7-12- semi- relaxing day
7-13-fun at block party
7-14- Parker's home
7-15-Cheri helped with kids while J was gone
7-16- got to see baby Lola
7-17- safe travel to beach
7-18-fun day on the beach- both kids loved the beach
7-19- shopping day
7-20-got to see Tink
7-21-yummy ice cream
7-22-fun at the track
7-23-got to hang out with Ryan
7-24-able to get a dermatology appointment for next week
7-25- pedicure 
7-26-safe trip home
7-27-Cheri kept kids for the night 
7-28- slept in
7-29-enjoyed TechMeetTuscaloosa
7-30-sweet babies
7-31- got to see some kiddos at schedule pickup 
8-1-summer snow
8-2- fun with family at Rebekah and Stephens 
8-3-got to spend time with Parker
8-4-kids had a good first day with their new teachers
8-5- school computer got fixed
8-6- my cool, comfortable home
8-7-first day of school is over
8-9- eating out for Js bday
8-10- Christina
8-11- ok day
8-12-my man!
8-13-promise of salvation
8-14-relaxing afternoon
8-16- my big bro
8-17-2nd night in a row Luke went to sleep without us laying on the floor
8-18- no morning/ afternoon duty
8-19- old students making me feel loves
8-21-decent day at school
8-22-kids enjoyed football game
8-23- air conditioner 
8-24- restful Sunday afternoon
8-25-restful afternoon
8-26- fun day at school
8-27-the Lords promises and forgiveness
8-28-good open house
8-29-fun telling jokes with kids!
8-30-football season
8-31-fun with small group
9-1-Cheri took kids and we could rest 
9-2-Libby enjoyed dance
9-3-boys class all made 100 on quiz
9-4-cute dress for $7
9-5-fun girls night planning small group events
9-6- in pjs all day
9-7- health
9-8-libbys first soccer game
9-9- enjoyed RQMS fb game
9-11-God is all powerful
9-13-Gods promises
9-14-time with Luke
9-15- caring co workers 
9-17-love my new dentist 
9-18- fun playing with kids 
9-19- girls night 
9-20- Libby's first soccer game 
9-21- support from church family
9-22-intern taught half the day
9-23- good day
9-24-decent report from moms doctor
9-25- mom and Mamaw fixed Mamaw's   ring she gave me 
9-26- Gods not dead 
9-27- fun day shopping with my mom
9-28- Jason's service at church
9-29- good day 
9-30- date night with Libby
10-1- Luke peed on potty
10-2- internet fixed
10-3-Luke pooped in potty 
10-4-movie at home
10-5 good bible study group
10-6-restful evening
10-7- good test scores
10-8-Luke went to bed easily
10-9-productive WAC meeting
10-10- date night
10-11-Libby's finger didn't need stitches 
10-12-fun at pumpkin patch
10-13-no students today
10-14-quick school day
10-15-possible good news from moms biopsy 
10-16- get to go to PD on Monday 
10-17-fun night with Gran, Coach, and Mamaw
10-18-campfire, s'mores with the Peels
10-19-good day
10-20-easy PD with time to clean house 
10-21- still haven't found cancer in moms biopsy 
10-22- good dinner 
10-23-we can trust God during all times
10-24- dinner with gran, coach, and Mamaw
10-25-healthy kids
10-26- lunch with small group
10-27-sweet kids 
10-28-cuddle time with Libby
10-29-fun, peaceful night at trunk or treat
10-30- Able to make cupcakes for Libby's class
10-31- fun Halloween 
11-1-Christmas decorations 
11-2- good Sunday
11-3- Luke is happy even though he has strep 
11-4-great WAC interview 
11-5- me time
11-6-coworkers who help out
11-7-great, fun night out with J and kids
11-8-last soccer game- fun season
11-9-got to see family
11-10- pretty day
11-11-good results from biopsy 
11-12-quick doctors visit
11-13-fun at game
11-14- fun Jamberry party
11-15-easy flu shot trip
11-16-warm home
11-17- fun family! 
11-18-safe trip to beach
11-19-fun day on field trip
11-20-fun trip, safe travels
11-21- thanksgiving break!
11-22-shopping with mom and Luke 
11-23- mom and dad can to church 
11-24- Cheri took kids while I'm sick
11-25-  restful day
11-26- got to go see a movie
11-27-fun thanksgiving
11-28-fun shopping with mom
11-29-RTR- iron bowl victory 
11-30- Libby loves Jesus
12-1-Christmas time!
12-2-moms surgery went ok
12-3- safe traveling to and from bham whe sick and tired
12-4- evening at home
12-5-fun at school Christmas party
12-6- fun at SEC championship
12-7-children and music pastors at CHBC
12-8-got to come home after work and hang out with my family
12-9-moms awesome news- no cancer
12-10- easy dentist trip
12-11-white hot chocolate
12-12-fun with Small Group
12-13- fun family day- Santa, cookies, and chick fil a
12-14-fun with Youth girls
12-15-my team leaders at school
12-16-good health 
12-17-Stephanie and the girls are ok
12-18- mostly good scores on students exams 
12-19-fun last day before Christmas break
12-20- visit from Santa and Mrs Claus
12-21- fun at Windle Christmas
12-22-time to bake
12-23-decorating cookies with kids
12-24-wonderful day
12-25-a savior willing to come down to save us
12-26- house is almost  back together
12-27-shopping with J's cousins and mom 
12-28-fun at Bama basketball game with fam
12-29- sleeping late
12-30- God provides
12-31- my wonderful life 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year of Thanksgiving

So in November of 2012, I participated in the Daily Facebook Thanksgiving status.... at the end I thought... Why don't we do this every day of the year? So on January 1, 2013, I started a note on my iPhone. Each day I went to this note and wrote something I was thankful for. Each day there was always something I was thankful for, most days there was multiple things and I had to pick one. If you take the time to read this you will see that something things are mentioned more than once throughout the year..... I didn't realize this until today when I went back and read everything. I challenge you to take time to do this daily. It is neat to go back and look at everything (big or small) the Lord has done for me and my family this year! Happy New Year!

Year of Thanksgiving

1-1- thankful for date night
1-2-Days off with my kids
1-3- heat
1-4- lunch break during a boring pd
1-5-Mom staying with us while the boys go to the game
1-7 national champs
1-8- Jason being home!
1-9- 9.5 hrs of sleep with no kids waking up!
1-10- Parker will be home tonight
1-11- our home! Love it!
1-12- was able to find shirts for myself (Loft)
1-13-Libby waking up from her nap happy. And not getting out of bed at bedtime!
1-14-My car- don't have to take public transportation
1-15-Fun night at chick fil a with friends and family
1-16-Mostly good grades on students test
1-17-Snow and getting out of school early!
1-18- 2 hour delay!
1-19- Shopping with mom and Libby
1-20-Preschool committee
1-21-Days off
1-22- painting with Libby
1-23-Luke didn't need stitches
1-24- Zumba!
1-25-Positive feedback from Zumba
1-26- Cuddle time with Luke
1-27-Christina's class
1-28-beautiful sunset at the end of a tough day
1-29-Taco Casa in Hillcrests great service
1-30-Grandmaw Rickman's  legacy of faith
1-31- PayDay!!!!!
2-1- fun times playing Settlers with Tink and Parker
2-2-Carol Minets testimony
2-3- Rachel is ok after house fire
2-4-Little boy was rescued from the bunker
2-5-Time for a hair appt
2-6-The time we had to spend with Parker
2-7-Our house hasn't been burglarized
2-8- fun family time! Bunch of laughs
2-9-J found his phone
2-10-Gods promises
2-11-3 years with my sweet girl
2-12-Cheri keeps our kids
2-13-Able to borrow Kaye's circuit cartridge
2-14- Gods love!
2-15-Got to go to Holts game
2-16- great bday party for kids
2-17-Free shutterfly book
2-18-Jason cooks
2-19-Opportunities I have had this year with my job
2-20-My sweet babies
2-21-Baby boy! Can't believe he is one
!2-22-Quality time with Jason
2-23-Beauty walk is over!
2-24-Fun weekend
2-25-Easy day at work
2-26-Kids enjoyed the "gym"
2-27-Health! Spared from flu and stomach bug (so far)
2-28-Luke is consistently sleeping through the night and has been for a while
3-1-Almost $___ refunded from mortgage
3-2-Got to visit with my grandparents
3-3-Watoto performance
3-4-Skype with Parker
3-5-Beautiful kids
3-6-Got to go to sleep early
3-7- a great birthday!
3-8-Mafia night
3-9- kids able to play outside
3-10-Benjamin is now 2 lbs!
3-11-Good afternoon with friends
3-12- pretty days and afternoon walk
3-13-Benjamin opened his eyes for the first time
3-14- met taryn
3-15- Luke had a good check up
3-16-Good night with Taryn and Garth
3-17-So many people praying for Benjamin
3-18-Smooth day of Grad Exam
3-19-Warm day- play outside
3-20-Angela's healthy baby boy- got to see him
3-22-Fun game night
3-23-Kids playing so well together
3-24-AMAZING worship this morning
3-26-Fun time with Cheri and kaleigh
3-27-Shane is cancer free!
3-28-walk with Taryn
3-29- Good Friday! Death was defeated!
3-30-Good spring break
3-31-We serve a risen Savior!And some friends joined us at church
4-1- no April fools day pranks - shew
4-2-Opportunities given to me this year at work
4-3-Fun family time at dinner- lots of laughs
4-4-told Smith about echols job
4-5-taryns surgery went good
4-6-Got to go to barnyard
4-7- picnic and park with SS class
4-8-Even after a rough day, there is still hope of salvation!
4-9- better day
4-10- the assurance of salvation when loved ones leave us
4-11-Out of school early for weather (stayed safe)
4-12-dinner with Michaels
4-13- fun time with Pate family
4-14- my marriage- great husband
4-15- got to hang out with rebekah
4-16-Luke's not sick
4-17- kids had fun at zoo with Cheri
4-18-got to see mamaw
4-19-Date night with the hubs
4-20-lazy Saturday
4-21-Peaceful night hanging out with Grissetts kids were great!
4-22- got to interview at echols
4-23-God has a plan
4-25-quick doc appt
4-26- Luke's feeling better
4-27-Great husband
4-28-meeting canceled
4-29- easy, quick workday
4-30-Meeting- easy day
5-1- great sermon
5-2-safe trip to beach
5-3- relaxing day
5-4-Fun day of vacation
5-5- kids love their grandparents
5-6-Benjamins  pic looked soooo good
5-7-My sweet kids and that I get done working at 3:15 and can spend the afternoons with them
5-8-God has a plan
5-9- got to see Mrs Brasfield
5-10- good block party
5-11- time spent with family
5-12-good mothers day
5-13-Luke- good check up
5-14- good days at work
5-15- God is able
5-16 graduation- proud of seniors
5-17- got to see Denoras baby
5-18- fun at 80s party
5-19- nap!
5-20-kids played great at ballpark
5-21-last regular day of school
5-22-last full day
5-23- Zumba
5-24-last day of school with kids
5-25-nothing to do today
5-26-dedicated the church gym
5-27- Memorial Day- thankful for all those who have and will serve ourCountry
5-28-summer vacation !
5-29-kids slept till 7:45
5-30-Benjamin got to go home! 
6-1-night with friends
6-2-preschool policy almost done
6-3- day 1 of 24 day challenge!
6-4-encouraged at advocare training
6-5-mom got to go to Texas with friends
6-6-think I'm getting smaller with advocare
6-7-dinner with Pates and dad
6-8 enjoyed afternoon with my dad, J, and kids
6-9-lost 6 pounds
6-10-mom spent morning here with kids and me
6-11-play date with Kinsley and brooks
6-12-play date with Emma Cate and JP
6-13-afternoon shopping alone
6-14-date night in Memphis
6-15-fun day in Memphis for matts wedding
6-16- safe travels
6-17-chance to interview at RQMS
6-18-Libby was sweet while I was so sick
6-19-feel little better today
6-20-good interview
6-21-new job
6-22-relaxing day
6-23- nap!
6-25-slept late
6-26-survived VBS
6-27-got to meet Benjamin
6-28-girls night
6-29- safe trip to beach
6-30-Libby behaved soooo good!
7-1- no sun burn so far
7-2-fun at beach
7-3- time with family
7-4- freedom
7-5-no sunburn during beach trip
7-6-safe trip home
7-7- we have money to pay bills
7-8- 7 years of wonderful marriage
7-9- moved stuff into new classroom
7-10-Cheri- all she does for our kids
7-11-we are all healthy
7-12-safe trip to ATL
7-13- fun day at white water
7-14-fun at block party
7-15- got to work in new classroom
7-16-got to see mamaw
7-17- J won free cake from Edgar's
7-18-Libby hasn't thrown up today (and so far Luke hasn't thrown up)
7-19-mom - able to help J with kids when I'm sick
7-20-Luke only sick for a couple of hours
7-21-no more sickness
7-22- dinner with friends
7-23-lazy, rainy day
7-24-dad's test went good! No sign of cancer
7-25-good friends and old coworkers
7-26- fun play date with friends
7-27-last night for night night shoes
7-28-safe trip to beach- kids did great
7-29-fun day with family at beach
7-30-fun night playing game with the James
7-31-fun night at the track
8-1- Libby's first set if footie pjs
8-2-sweet kids
8-3-safe trip home
8-4- share blitz for church
8-5- Shannon will be working at RQES
8-6-dads surgery went well
8-7- new teacher meetings are over
8-8-kids love staying with CiCi when I have to work
8-9-summers off with kids
8-10- found magnetic letters for school
8-11-got to eat out with just Jason for his bday
8-12-my amazing hubby!
8-13- Cheri- clean house, laundry done, supper cooked, and most importantly happy kids!
8-14-mellowed about school stress ( a little bit)
8-15-2 classes to prep for instead of 3
8-16-my big brother
8-17-Jason got to see gmaw Rickman
8-18-Sunday school went great- 1st day with 9th grade girls
8-19-some fun new students
8-20-kids had good first day of preschool
8-21-good sermon
8-22-encouraging talk with Mrs Ingram
8-23-Friday..... Time to relax
8-24-Grandmaw Rickman's legacy
8-25- getting to see family
8-26-promise and hope of salvation
8-27-more energy today
8-28-Aaron Keys concert
8-29- nothing to do tonight
8-31-bama football time
9-1-our home- we can have friends over
9-2-day of
f9-3- good day! No major discipline issues
9-4- kids
9-5-enjoyed meeting parents at open house
9-7-got to visit mamas and pop
9-8- Kevin and Christina's class
9-10-home before 4!
9-11-good chat with Shyla
9-12-BBQ nachos :)
9-13-got to take Mallory to dinner
9-14- bama beat a and m
9-15-Luke's temp came down
9-16-Cheri took care of sick Luke
9-17-Libby got to go to tumblebus
9-18- Luke feels better
9-19-sweet email from parent
9-20-Libby had a good day at school
9-21-bama game with pates
9-22-small nap
9-23-j kept kids let me rest
9-24- copy machine worked!
9-25-my daddy
9-26-j cooked a good supper
9-27-park time with family
9-29-day with Luke
9-30- got a general doctor for me and j
10-1- think I figured out my health issue
10-2-pink icing :)
10-3-happy,giggling kids
10-4-sweet kids
10-5-doctor got spec out of eye
10-6- restful afternoon
10-7-Luke only has a sinus infection
10-8-cooler weather
10-9- Luke feels better
10-10-no intervention class today!
10-11-got to see Tink and Angela
10-12-awesome concert
10-13-deacon ordination
10-14-good day at work
10-15- cute kids
10-16-reminder that God walks beside me always
10-17-got to go to basketball practice
10-18-Luke goes to bed so easily
10-19-relaxing Saturday- shopping,nap, watch game with parents
10-20-Kevin and Christina's class
10-21-Js surgery went well
10-22-mom helped with kids
10-23- smaller intervention classes
10-24-got to read some of my book
10-26- free, great tickets to we could go to bama game with friends
10-27- church :)
10-28- 1st period was awesome
10-29-good meeting with weekday directors
10-30-church fall festival
10-31- tumblebus station opened for Halloween because of rain
11-1- intervention is going to get better
11-2-got some Christmas shopping done
11-3- kids let us sleep the extra hour (day light savings)
11-4- able to go see dermatologist (without waiting months)
11-5- intervention is better!
11-6-got 2 preps today
11-7-day off with kids (even if it was for doctor visit)
11-8-Christmas decorations
11-9- fun at Bama game
11-10- fun at Disney on Ice
11-11-Luke's surgery went well
11-12-warm house
11-13-Jason cooks
11-14-kids feeling better.... Well no fever
11-15- parents live close
11-16-shopping with momma
11-17-"He Knows" our every need
11-18-Libby and Luke are best friends
11-19-tumblebus, Santa, and a princess
11-20-good health
11-21-Braxton's 100
11-22-thanksgiving break
11-23- naps
11-24- no school tomorrow
11-25-a clean house
11-26-Parker is home
11-27-Emily's cousin survived the surgery
11-28-time with family
11-29-shopping with mom and Cheri
11-30-good thanksgiving break
12-1-a good job (even though I don't want to go back to work tomorrow)
12-2- laughter with the family
12-3-polar express night at chick fil a
12-4- math pd/ easy day
12-5-support from my administration
12-6-fun with Sunday school class
12-7-pate family time
12-8-Libby's first musical
12-9- heat
12-10-parents are close to help (car seat problems)
12-11-meeting went well
12-12-fun night with Santa and the train
12-13- shopping with mom
12-14-kids seem to feel a little better
12-15- kids still no fever
12-16- Christmas time
12-17-fun day with Libby
12-18- good test scores
12-19- good day at school
12-20-Christmas break
12-21- relaxing day
12-22- Libby's a little better
12-23- fun celebrating with family
12-24-close family together for Christmas
12-25- Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us!
12-26- new security system
12-27-negative BRAC analysis test!
12-28-fun with Pate family
12-29- healthy babies12-30-Frozen with Libby
12-31- an amazing year of learning, growth, and  time with family