Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 - Thankful

So... I'm totally the best blogger ever! Lol..... my last post was my year of thanksgiving from 2013 and now I will post my year of thanksgiving from 2014. An entire year since I posted.....
So basically, this post is just like my last post. Everyday I found something to be thankful for and kept it on a note on my phone.  There is so much to be thankful for and this list is just a few of the blessings God has given us this past year.

2014 Year of Thanksgiving

1-1- movie night at home with J
1-2-peaceful day
1-3-fun game night
1-4- night out with girl friends
1-5- a great Christmas break 
1-6-warm home
1-7- work canceled
1-8-found out I got an intern
1-9- settlers with Taryn and Garth
1-10- a good intern
1-11-sweet kids, with good personalities
1-12- my Pop!
1-13-all of Jason's help with kids while I've been with mom and Mamaw
1-14- for all the people who loved my pop and family
1-15-great memorial service for Pop
1-16-Christina's Testimony
1-17-family time 
1-18-restful day
1-19- church- 
1-20- being able to help Mamaw, mom, and dad move stuff
1-21-good,busy day with happy babies
1-22-day 1 of challenge is over!
1-23-time with Parker
1-24- finally got to watch Sherlock
1-25- relaxing day
1-26-a passionate WAC committee 
1-27-relaxing hair appointment
1-28-safe travel on a crazy snow day
1-29-lazy, snow day at home
1-30-my princess and pirate
1-31-fun at Gran and Coach's with old dance costumes 
2-1- fun day, outside at the Pates!
2-2- our Powerful God
2-3-got to go to Zumba
2-4-Professional Learning Group day!= lunch out!
2-5- desire to be in "the first chair"
2-6- early dismissal for light snow flurries!❄️❄️❄️
2-7-work at a great school with great kids
2-8-fun with Grissett family
2-9- an awesome church family
2-10- good day at school
2-11-my beautiful, baby girl
2-12-beautiful, safe snow
2-13-2 hour delay
2-14-kids had fun vday at school
2-15- great bday party!
2-16-supportive parents
2-17- Zumba
2-18- love my new school
2-19- teacher of the month
2-20-pretty, warm day
2-21-baby boy
2-22- fun at marriage retreat
2-23-pretty day - play outside
2-24- technology working at school
2-25- We can always rejoice in The Lord
2-26-healthy baby boy
2-27-kisses from my babies
2-28-fun mafia night
3-1- Libby had so much fun at Emma Cate's bday
3-2- beautiful day
3-3-warm house
3-4-play time with the kids
3-5-king cake
3-6- kids love when I get home
3-7-fun bday
3-8-pretty day and shopping with mom and Mamaw
3-9-my patient husband
3-10- Jason's servants heart
3-11- play time with Libby
3-12- good WAC meeting
3-13-got to see Eva
3-14- Pi Day is over
3-15- fun camping
3-16- a great church that also teaches Libby
3-17- tax refund is almost exactly how much day care will cost
3-18-kids play well together 
3-19- got to see Tinker and Angela
3-20- good health
3-21-spring break!
3-22-playground with kids 
3-23- relaxing afternoon
3-24-day off
3-25- camping with fam
3-26- warm tent 
3-27- husband with a servants heart
3-28- errands without kids
3-29-relaxing, enjoyable spring break
3-30- heard from mom while on her trip
3-31- clean sheets
4-1-no tricks :)
4-2-good WAC meeting 
4-3-fun watching Alex play soccer 
4-4-parents got home safe 
4-5-family dinner
4-6-fun at church with Volleyball
4-7- everyone was safe in storm 
4-8-kids got to see and play with Hooton girls
4-9- sweet babies
4-10-good day of learning at Professional Development
4-11- 1st periods creativity with lesson
4-12- my little family!❤️
4-13- church family
4-14- job I love
4-15- husband that cooks
4-16- that we can take everything to The Lord in prayer
4-17-planning meeting
4-18-the cross
4-19-fun at Easter Egg Hunt
4-20-He is risen
4-21- sweet kids
4-22-Mamaw got to go home from hospital 
4-23-work at a great school
4-24-Carla and Jamey's baby boy- Tawan
4-25-good intern
4-26- whiffle ball with SS class
4-27- safety in weather 3 years ago
4-28-safe during storms
4-29-no school and no bad weather 
4-30- sweet card from intern
5-1-my family
5-2-fun field trip
5-3-fun day with family
5-4- children's ministry at our Church
5-5- decent day at school
5-6- God's word
5-7- last day of testing!
5-8-decent day of work
5-9- Libby and Coach's date to ballet
5-10-got some great pics of kids
5-11- good Mother's Day
5-12-my beautiful children
5-13- shopping online
5-14-beautiful pics of kids
5-15-cool, beautiful day
5-16- cool weather
5-17- seeing students graduate 
5-18-Libby's musical was sweet
5-19- good day at school
5-20-quick honors night
5-21- dinner date with J
5-22-my sweet babies
5-23- WEEKEND!!!!!!!
5-24-fun whiffle ball game
5-25- first pool day
5-26-day off
5-27- Libby got to meet Elsa and Anna 
5-28-drama free day at school
5-29- sweet student brought me a milkshake
5-30-last day with students
5-31-Belk gift card almost exactly how much I spent
6-1- yummy lunch at church
6-2- parents 40th wedding anniversary 
6-4-time with kids
6-5-Libby's first day of dance class
6-6- pedicure, shopping, lunch date
6-7-dinner with Tinker and Angela
6-8- got to see CiCi and Pop Pop
6-9- 1st day of swimming lessons went good
6-10-nap with Libby
6-11-Libby applying her faith at swimming
6-12-summer time
6-13- productive day
6-14- Luke's first night in his big boy bed 
6-15-the daddy's 
6-16-sweet boy holding my hand
6-17-dinner with Pate fam
6-18-fun at Chuckee Cheese
6-19-good schedule for next school year
6-20-shopping with momma
6-21-got to see Rebekah
6-22-good night of VBS
6-23- Luke got much needed hair cut
6-25- fun at Fayette water park
6-26-lazy day
6-27-fun with friends
6-28- white water
6-29- dinner with Pates
6-30-fun pool day with friends
7-1-cake decorating class
7-2-learned about cakes from MawMaw
7-3- shopping with J
7-4- fun day on the lake
7-5-slept till 8
7-6- Foot finally healing
7-7-safe trip to mountains
7-8- 8 years of a great marriage
7-9- kids having a great time on vacation
7-10- Cheri 
7-11- safe trip home
7-12- semi- relaxing day
7-13-fun at block party
7-14- Parker's home
7-15-Cheri helped with kids while J was gone
7-16- got to see baby Lola
7-17- safe travel to beach
7-18-fun day on the beach- both kids loved the beach
7-19- shopping day
7-20-got to see Tink
7-21-yummy ice cream
7-22-fun at the track
7-23-got to hang out with Ryan
7-24-able to get a dermatology appointment for next week
7-25- pedicure 
7-26-safe trip home
7-27-Cheri kept kids for the night 
7-28- slept in
7-29-enjoyed TechMeetTuscaloosa
7-30-sweet babies
7-31- got to see some kiddos at schedule pickup 
8-1-summer snow
8-2- fun with family at Rebekah and Stephens 
8-3-got to spend time with Parker
8-4-kids had a good first day with their new teachers
8-5- school computer got fixed
8-6- my cool, comfortable home
8-7-first day of school is over
8-9- eating out for Js bday
8-10- Christina
8-11- ok day
8-12-my man!
8-13-promise of salvation
8-14-relaxing afternoon
8-16- my big bro
8-17-2nd night in a row Luke went to sleep without us laying on the floor
8-18- no morning/ afternoon duty
8-19- old students making me feel loves
8-21-decent day at school
8-22-kids enjoyed football game
8-23- air conditioner 
8-24- restful Sunday afternoon
8-25-restful afternoon
8-26- fun day at school
8-27-the Lords promises and forgiveness
8-28-good open house
8-29-fun telling jokes with kids!
8-30-football season
8-31-fun with small group
9-1-Cheri took kids and we could rest 
9-2-Libby enjoyed dance
9-3-boys class all made 100 on quiz
9-4-cute dress for $7
9-5-fun girls night planning small group events
9-6- in pjs all day
9-7- health
9-8-libbys first soccer game
9-9- enjoyed RQMS fb game
9-11-God is all powerful
9-13-Gods promises
9-14-time with Luke
9-15- caring co workers 
9-17-love my new dentist 
9-18- fun playing with kids 
9-19- girls night 
9-20- Libby's first soccer game 
9-21- support from church family
9-22-intern taught half the day
9-23- good day
9-24-decent report from moms doctor
9-25- mom and Mamaw fixed Mamaw's   ring she gave me 
9-26- Gods not dead 
9-27- fun day shopping with my mom
9-28- Jason's service at church
9-29- good day 
9-30- date night with Libby
10-1- Luke peed on potty
10-2- internet fixed
10-3-Luke pooped in potty 
10-4-movie at home
10-5 good bible study group
10-6-restful evening
10-7- good test scores
10-8-Luke went to bed easily
10-9-productive WAC meeting
10-10- date night
10-11-Libby's finger didn't need stitches 
10-12-fun at pumpkin patch
10-13-no students today
10-14-quick school day
10-15-possible good news from moms biopsy 
10-16- get to go to PD on Monday 
10-17-fun night with Gran, Coach, and Mamaw
10-18-campfire, s'mores with the Peels
10-19-good day
10-20-easy PD with time to clean house 
10-21- still haven't found cancer in moms biopsy 
10-22- good dinner 
10-23-we can trust God during all times
10-24- dinner with gran, coach, and Mamaw
10-25-healthy kids
10-26- lunch with small group
10-27-sweet kids 
10-28-cuddle time with Libby
10-29-fun, peaceful night at trunk or treat
10-30- Able to make cupcakes for Libby's class
10-31- fun Halloween 
11-1-Christmas decorations 
11-2- good Sunday
11-3- Luke is happy even though he has strep 
11-4-great WAC interview 
11-5- me time
11-6-coworkers who help out
11-7-great, fun night out with J and kids
11-8-last soccer game- fun season
11-9-got to see family
11-10- pretty day
11-11-good results from biopsy 
11-12-quick doctors visit
11-13-fun at game
11-14- fun Jamberry party
11-15-easy flu shot trip
11-16-warm home
11-17- fun family! 
11-18-safe trip to beach
11-19-fun day on field trip
11-20-fun trip, safe travels
11-21- thanksgiving break!
11-22-shopping with mom and Luke 
11-23- mom and dad can to church 
11-24- Cheri took kids while I'm sick
11-25-  restful day
11-26- got to go see a movie
11-27-fun thanksgiving
11-28-fun shopping with mom
11-29-RTR- iron bowl victory 
11-30- Libby loves Jesus
12-1-Christmas time!
12-2-moms surgery went ok
12-3- safe traveling to and from bham whe sick and tired
12-4- evening at home
12-5-fun at school Christmas party
12-6- fun at SEC championship
12-7-children and music pastors at CHBC
12-8-got to come home after work and hang out with my family
12-9-moms awesome news- no cancer
12-10- easy dentist trip
12-11-white hot chocolate
12-12-fun with Small Group
12-13- fun family day- Santa, cookies, and chick fil a
12-14-fun with Youth girls
12-15-my team leaders at school
12-16-good health 
12-17-Stephanie and the girls are ok
12-18- mostly good scores on students exams 
12-19-fun last day before Christmas break
12-20- visit from Santa and Mrs Claus
12-21- fun at Windle Christmas
12-22-time to bake
12-23-decorating cookies with kids
12-24-wonderful day
12-25-a savior willing to come down to save us
12-26- house is almost  back together
12-27-shopping with J's cousins and mom 
12-28-fun at Bama basketball game with fam
12-29- sleeping late
12-30- God provides
12-31- my wonderful life 

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